Risk for Misconduct

in entrepreneurship

This research project aims at developing risk assessment and situational intervention tools for screening and preventing misconduct in entrepreneurship.


This research project aims a describing, assessing and preventing  dishonest behaviours committed by entrepreneurs in early stage startups. 


The Misconduct in Entrepreneurship Scale resulting from in-depth interviews with samples of entrepreneurs and investors, and validated with hundreds of entrepreneurs, will allow the in-depth analysis of the factors potentiating misconduct, from personality factors or attitudes, to organizational formal and informal norms.

This analysis will result in a Risk Assessment Tool and a Risk Prevention Toolkit, which should help incubators and accelerators prevent and ameliorate dishonest behaviours among entrepreneurs.


The scientific studies and by-products should have a positive impact in entrepreneurship, by enabling the relevant stakeholders to intervene in organizational settings towards diminishing the probability of seeing entrepreneurs engage in  unethical behaviour. 

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