We are on the MatchingWINGS newsletter!

We are on the MatchingWINGS newsletter!


As MatchingWINGS, we experience that the dividing line between the startup entrepreneurs’ opportunism and dishonest behavior is quite vague. While we value opportunism as a crucial characteristic of entrepreneurs, dishonest behavior will kill a deal. To better understand what honest and dishonest behavior of startup entrepreneurs is and what is generally accepted, MatchingWINGS and some investors in our network provided input to a related research project. 
This concerns a European-funded R&D project on entrepreneurship (MiscRisk – Risk for Misconduct in Entrepreneurship) and performed by the University of Porto in Portugal.

While we contributed in an earlier stage from the investor perspective, researchers now aim to add startup entrepreneurs’ perspectives. If you are an entrepreneur yourself, you can support the research by filling in this survey. In exchange, you will receive an insight on what others think about what is acceptable or not.”

We appreciate MatchingWINGS’s valuable contributes to our research!